Some frequently asked questions.

General FAQ

POPCALL is the Smart Virtual Ringtone for everyone! (Your customized video is your ringtone ID).

This is NOT just another Phone Call Application like others. Our technology is using your phone & calling system (NOT using online/app call), so NO MESSY SCREEN, NO COMPLICATION OF USE.

With our innovative technology, your phone turns into the real SMART PHONE. Your Call, Your Video, Your Joy.

When you make a call, the receiver will see your video and the receiver's video will be shown on your screen.
(caller & receiver pre-installation required)

That’s very sad!! This case, the caller will have the default video shown. But wait. Isn’t this time to tell your friends about our service?

Our smart system automatically indicates installation status of the receiver, and if the receiver doesn’t have the application installed, we can send out a polite invitational message (SMS text link) to them upon your consent. (All you need to do is “Click” Yes)

You can create & store as many as you like. However, only one (1) video can be used at a time.

Absolutely. All basic features are free of charge for you to enjoy. You can upload any video at any time for free. (With watching short paid ads). However, you can purchase extra services like pre-made video/seasonal greeting or special editing features.

Sure! We know how much you like your own ringtone. (some don’t ,but..) You can easily set up the Setting Option on the App and keep your current ringtone if you like.

We know sometimes people need a break. So.. go head! You can temporarily put this on hold and move back to the classic era and come back anytime.

Yes! We knew some of you would want this! You can check the call history and re-play videos from previous calls.

You can permanently delete your personal information by choosing “Delete my info” directly from the mobile application (located on the “Setting” page) anytime. It is suggesting to perform the deletion before you uninstall the application. (uninstalling the app does not delete/erase your info from the server). You may also request access or deletion of your personal information with us by sending an email to


Technical FAQ

Please go to the “SETTING” page and make sure to “Activate/Turn on” the Ringtone Sound. (This is the option to change your ringtone)

So, you’ve uploaded the video and it only plays a sound without a video, right? (all black screen) If this happens, please check out your “SETTING” on your CAMERA (Camera mode/setting) Go on the “Picture” -> “Picture Formats” -> and check if “High efficiency pictures” option is ON.
You need to make sure to (TURN IT OFF): HEIF format is not supported on lots of apps & websites.

Yes. We surely don’t want you to feel uncomfortable with any image/video from anyone. If you don’t want to see the specific image/video, “Block” the image and/or “Report” it to us.
Go to “HISTORY” page -> click file (that you want to block/report) -> select “Block “or “Report”.

Block -> You are only blocking the specific image/video. Therefore, if the user changes/updates to another image/video, it will show to your screen. (You are NOT blocking the user)

Report -> Reporting will alert our Admin and our team will review the reported image/video and check if it violates our safe regulation. Upon our review, we will either delete the file or keep it as is.

Yes, please! We provide potential Spam calls warning to our customers and try to update data frequently. Therefore, if you have notified Spam calls, please go ahead & let us know by reporting!

Go to “HISTORY” page -> click file (that you want to block/report) -> select “Report” 

Please send email to us